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  • High score database stores the best times for your course. The database will also retain the scores when powered off.
  • Name entry touchscreen interface provides a simple method for users to put a name to their scores.
  • User queuing system allows a user to use the system while another is inputting their name.
  • User disqualification action enables an operator to cancel the time set by the last user.
  • User categories can be set to isolate scores for a party or by age, gender, or any other criteria.
  • Operator service menu provides a number of customization options to venues.
  • Touchless sensor (optional) starts and/or stop the timer when a user breaks the invisible beam.
  • Modular design allows you to connect any number of Showcase Chrono™ screens, laser gates, buttons, or button pedestals.
  • Metal locking industrial connectors prevent accidental disconnections and protect the equipment from damage.
  • Online connection (optional) allows us to remotely configure, customize, and update the kit to your specifications.
For more information on what the Showcase Chrono™ system can do for you, consult the product manual.

Unit-e Technologies, Computer Software Developers, Halethorpe, MDUnit-e Technologies, Computer Software Developers, Halethorpe, MD

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Catalog of parts

A complete Showcase Chrono™ Timer System requires at least 1 Control Box, 1 Start device, and 1 Finish device.
Choose a bundle or contact us with your course information and we'll build you a customized package.

These items control the various devices in the Showcase Chrono™ Timer System.

⚠️ Required: 1 Control Unit required per system.

These devices broadcast visual information to players and spectators, such as current times and best times.
Operators may use their own TV displays, but the Display Controller is not guaranteed to be compatible with them.

⚠️ Required: 1 Display Controller required per display device (the Control Box includes 1 Display Controller).

These devices start or stop the timer, and can all be configured for either function.
We recommend starting the timer with the Light Gate and finishing with the Button Pedestal.

⚠️ Required: At least 1 Start and 1 Finish device required per system.

The Sound System can play sound effects (such as a horn) when the timer is stopped and can play music.

Optional: Sound System is optional but recommended.

Lighting features provide "wow" factor to your system and can be queued by course events, react to music, or provide continuous light.

Optional: Lighting features are optional.
⚠️ 1 Lightshow Controller and the optional DMX port on the Control Unit are required if lighting will be powered by the system.

Effects provide "wow" factor to your system and can be activated by course events (such as pressing the "stop" button).

Optional: Effects are optional.
⚠️ The optional DMX port on the Control Unit is required if effects will be powered by the system.

Optional: Protection is optional.
⚠️ The warranty does not cover acts of God. Consider these upgrades if you require additional protection.

Delivery time

Timer systems are built-to-order and lead times can be up to 4 weeks. Contact us for rush order pricing.


Installation instructions and videos are provided, as well as phone and e-mail support.

Need us to perform installation? Rates start as low as $800 before travel and lodging. Contact us to see if your venue is a candidate for installation.


  • Parts: 30 days free part replacement, 1 year 50% off replacement parts (must return damaged/defective material)
  • Service: 90 days phone support, unlimited e-mail support

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